Sofa Cleaning

Powerful Sofa Cleaning Using the Latest Methods

Suitable for all types of upholstered furniture and any kind of fabric material, this flexible sofa cleaning option is all you need no matter what furniture you have. Rely on getting a professional cleanse delivered under full insurance cover, and by a trained and experienced fabric specialist.

Why Use Us When You Need Sofa Cleaners?

    Sofa Cleaning Dundonald

  • Multiple methods available, so your sofa cleaners can tailor your service to meet your fabric’s needs;
  • Your fabric is protected by comprehensive insurance all the time that we’re treating it;
  • Scotchgard application on offer to protect your fabric for longer than cleansing alone will;
  • Call to set up or reschedule your booking whenever you want to – we’re here to help 24 hours a day;
  • Go for a weekend or Bank Holiday appointment if that’s easier to fit in around your schedule;
  • Save money on your order by creating a sofa cleaning package that includes leather cleaning, or by adding oven cleaning to your ordered services;
  • Find out exactly how much your service will cost by requesting a free quote before you conform your order;

More Information Regarding Your Sofa Cleaning Services

The exact method we use during your sofa cleaning will always be chosen after an examination of the fabric that they’re covered in.

Sofa Cleaning DundonaldWe prefer hot water extraction equipment for artificial and synthetic blends of fabric because of the great penetrating potential of this method. Meanwhile, natural fabric types will be dealt with using dry cleaning powders. These powders don’t involve water, so they’re better for natural materials which might shrink if liquids are used to clean them. The resistant qualities of all your fabric can be improved by an application of one of Scotchgard’s advanced formulations. Add this to your order if you want to not need to book another appointment with your couch cleaners for a longer period of time next time!

Carpet Cleaning Dundonald offers a complete range of professional cleaning services, which you can learn more about over on our home page – or when you get talking to us in person. You can find our contact details below.

Book Now – We’re Open 24/7

Get in touch now to set up your booking. We’ll be pleased to give you a free quote on demand, or organise the most convenient time for your sofa cleaning services whenever you choose to call. You can reach us 24/7 on 020 7846 0525, or send us your details online by using our booking form to contact us.

If you need any further information about which are the most suitable sofa cleaning services for you, please do get in touch with us for some free advice.

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